Discretion and efficiency are core values for Trans-Adapt, enabling us, from behind the scenes, to contribute to the success of your business.

Our strengths can be summed up in three main points:


an extensive network of professional and experienced translators, including those working to and from languages not widely spoken in Switzerland, such as Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, etc.


a strong sense of service and personal involvement in all members of our team,


a focus on specialised and leading-edge fields that is unique in Switzerland, in particular for official, legal and judicial documents, in the areas of finance, medicine, technology,



Our well-established workflows and processes enable us to offer very high quality standards on particularly advantageous terms.

The sensitivity of the documents entrusted to us requires a great sense of responsibility on our part. This is reflected in our very demanding cross-checking and validation processes. All our translations are checked by a second specialist translator, who is a native speaker of the target language and who checks the completeness of the translation, grammar, spelling and syntax.