We have a large team of conference interpreters who are certified and accredited in a number of sectors and for the various interpreting techniques you may require, including whispered, conference, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, face-to-face or via videoconferencing. Here is a brief description of our resources in this area:

Whispered interpreting

Used particularly during face-to-face meetings between two people, or indeed in small groups, whispered interpreting requires the interpreter to be able to stand in close proximity to the person requiring translation into his or her target language. As it does not require any technical equipment, it can be very useful when these conditions are met.

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 Conference interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting
Usually performed from a suitable booth equipped with a microphone, the interpreting is done live, simultaneously with the speaker’s speech. The translation is received in the target language through a headset. This is particularly intensive work, demanding high levels of concentration. As such, it usually requires two interpreters who take turns every 15 to 30 minutes. Ideally, they will have prepared themselves by consulting documents or presentations forwarded in advance by the client and by familiarising themselves with the specific vocabulary related to the subject under discussion and the terminology of the company concerned.
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 Conference interpreting: Consecutive interpreting
Here, the interpreter waits until the end of the speech or the speaker’s sentence to translate it into the target language. This technique is recommended for negotiations, company visits or for any event where the time need for this is available, as it inevitably slows down the pace of communication and extend meeting times.
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Our most common language combinations for interpreting are German, English, Spanish, French and Russian. Let us know your particular requirements and we will be able to offer the best form of interpreting to suit you.