Terms & conditions


Trans-Adapt Sàrl’s tariff is based on the degree of difficulty of the text to be translated and on the group of languages to which it belongs. In each group of languages, Trans-Adapt Sàrl sets the price for the document to be translated based on its tariff in force at the time.


The price applies to the standard line. The price is calculated according to the number of standard lines. A standard line contains 55 characters, spaces included. Tables of numbers and text are converted into standard lines. The translated text serves as the basis for the line count. Translation of terminology lists and glossaries is billed on a per-hour basis.


Deliveries via express post, by hand or by special courier are invoiced at cost.


A 30% to 100% surcharge applies to handwritten texts or texts that are hard to read. For urgent translations or those that require work at night, during weekends or on public holidays, a surcharge of 50% to 100% will be applied depending on the length of the text and the delivery deadline.

Trans-Adapt Sàrl’s tariffs, as described herein, are exclusive of VAT.


Except as otherwise specifically agreed in writing, prices quoted are estimates. The price invoiced will not, however, exceed the estimated price initially communicated in writing by more than 15%. Additional charges, to be invoiced separately, will apply to subsequent changes.


Upon remittance of the documents to be translated, the order is deemed final and these Terms & Conditions are deemed accepted by the client.

Documents to be translated are dealt with in the strictest confidence.


In the event that the client cancels an order, the client will be invoiced (on a per-line basis) for the work effectively performed as of the date of cancellation as well as for the time spent (on an hourly basis) on research performed for the remaining work. If this does happen, Trans-Adapt Sàrl will have no liability in connection with the incomplete work that may be delivered to the client upon request.


In the event of a translator being asked to set time aside for a translation that is subsequently cancelled, Trans-Adapt Sàrl will be entitled to invoice the client 50% of the amount that would have been due for the translation.


Translations are delivered to the client as agreed via e-mail, fax or post, although without any warranty.


Other services (copies on the client’s headed paper, desktop publishing/DTP, etc.) must be ordered separately and will be invoiced separately. Delivery deadlines agreed with the client will be respected. Notwithstanding the above, Trans-Adapt Sàrl will assume no liability whatsoever for delays due to late postal deliveries, the illness of translators or other events of force majeure.


Objections raised by the client and submitted in writing in respect of a translated text will be considered within 15 days of delivery of the work. Where justified, errors or poor translation will be corrected without charge as full compensation. All other claims, even in the event of late delivery, are excluded. In particular, Trans-Adapt Sàrl cannot be held liable for any deterioration or loss of any documents, data or materials provided in connection with performance of a contract, nor for any costs or damages resulting from the use of information technology or means of communication or resulting from the transport or delivery of data, including, without limitation, the presence of any virus in the files, material or data delivered by or to Trans-Adapt Sàrl.

Conditions of payment

Payment is to be made within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Trans-Adapt Sàrl reserves the right to request the payment of advances before undertaking or pursuing the execution of an order.


In the event of late payment of invoices by the client, Trans-Adapt Sàrl reserves the right to discontinue any further delivery. In the event of an order submitted by a client on behalf of a third party, but subsequently not assumed by such third party, or in respect of which any commitment whatsoever made towards Trans-Adapt Sàrl is not respected in any manner, all the rights and obligations of that third party shall be assumed retroactively by the client.


Unless otherwise specified in writing, copyright in translations performed hereunder will remain the property of Trans-Adapt Sàrl.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions are governed by Swiss law, in particular applicable provisions of the Swiss Federal Code of Obligations. The relevant courts in Morges, Switzerland, shall have jurisdiction.


In the case of foreign clients, Trans-Adapt Sàrl reserves the right to take legal action at the place of domicile of the client under the law to which the client is subject.


These Terms & Conditions and the tariffs may be amended at any time by Trans-Adapt Sàrl. Any amendment will come into force upon written notification to the customer.